Trace Sardone -  I want to thanks all the staff @ Team BOC Ivan Lee. Melanie Lee Alan Lee Julian Chiu & all the instructors Bobby SA Galen Cook Jon Amack Tom Dennehy for making the trip out to Area 27 the best of the season. I also want  to thank the staff at Area 27 for the great hospitality. I can’t forget  to thanks all the riders who Participated at this event riding with this  group of people is just like riding with family.
Thanks again can’t wait till next year and many more to come.
A special thanks to Ryan Phillips for the photos and Brent Benoit for getting video of me. 

Ben DangerZone Ngai -  

What  can I say? Another solid weekend with TeamBOC. They attract some  amazing riders from the Pacific Northwest to lead on track, hold some of  the most detail-oriented rider meetings to enhance safety and they  react quickly to unique situations to make sure everyone has the best  experience. For three years running, TeamBOC events have been the  highlight of the season for me.

I don't think your average track  day provider would have its VP walk around with a roll of chicken wire  and personally rig up exhaust silencers when a bunch of us failed the  sound test. 

Definitely feels like my track family!

Tony Porter -  Huge thanks to guys and girls of BOC.  Me and Christine really appreciated the BOC family opening up and letting us join you.
BOC team runs a really good track day thank you all so much.
I was quiet nervous as I hadn’t ridden in a couple of years but now you got me wanting to ride more again thank you 

Pineby Fong -  

Huge  thanks and appreciation for the meticulous attention to detail, the  countless hours, stress and sweat that goes in making Team BOC track  days the best track days of the year. Every. Fricking. Year. 

Thank you Alan Lee, Ivan Lee, Melanie Lee, Julian Chiu, Andrew Yu, Dinos R and Alex Liu

There's a reason why we pay early to secure our spots every year.  For  anyone reading this, when the next announcement for dates comes, get on  it!

Richard Morris -  

Tally up another 5 Star rating for the latest BOC event. 

The BOC crew paired with the Area 27 staff is an unbeatable combo.  Throw in the cool kids from the US and the event is an deluxe privilege,  even if you never left the pits.

See you in 2020 👊🏻✊🏻💨

Jeff Ikari -  Another epic time with team BOC at area27. Just as I started to learn the track Mother Nature takes over ☹️. Hope we go back again!!! 🙏 Huge thanks to the staff at BOC (Ivan,Alan,Mel,Julian) for making it  all happen for us. As always, these track days are well organized from  start to finish.  Everyone is respectful of the track and respectful of  each other.  This crew is always a blast to ride with! Can’t wait for  the next BOC track day!  Thanks boys (and Mel)! 😁👍 

Bobby SA -  

Will  echo the many thoughts here already on another great BOC event at A27.  As they say, “Mother Nature does what she does”, but it sounds like the  patient ones were rewarded. 

Big thanks to Ivan Lee Alan Lee Melanie Lee Julian Chiu and all other staff for all the work you put in. 

Also a special thanks to Scott Ferriss and the A27 group, flag staff, corner workers etc for hosting us. Looking forward to my next adventure to A27 already!

Bonadventure Billy Alexandre -   Thanks to team BOC team for yet another successful and well organized  track event! Despite the few hiccups some riders encountered (wink  wink), you guys go above and beyond to make sure everyone is satisfied  and have quality time 🙂 Looking forward to next year’s event! 

Khai Phan -  Massive thanks to all the organizers of TeamBOC @ Area 27 this past weekend - Ivan Lee, Alan Lee, Julian Chiu,Melanie Lee, Andrew Yu, Dinos R great track, great organization, great prizes. Team BOC always puts on  the best trackdays in the almost 20 years I've been tracking. 

Kim Gill -  

Great  time. Thanks to Bobby SA for the reference! Very well organized. And an  awesome raffle win!!! Thx  Mspeed for the pirelli Td tires!

 Too bad my back was screwed the whole time. Already called in for some doctor's appointments!

 Great meeting new people! Cheers.


Jessy Wilson - It was a honor guys the upmost respect to all of you. Hope to see you guys soon much love and respect thank you for coming down

Morgan Parker You  guys are the best. Extremely fortunate to have been brought into the  group - the crew of people and format made these my favorite track days  instantly. Thank you!


Adil Lahrizi - Thanks Alan Lee, Ivan Lee and Melanie Lee for a fantastic team boc event. Looking forward to the next one


Karen Chong Huge thank you to the organizers! Always such a great event!!🎉👍🤩


 Nathan Serkin Modern Motorcycles

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Another Team BOC track-day in  the books. It Was Above and Beyond last years event which i didn't think  would be possible as last years event was exceptional too.  Thank you  for Cutting no cost for our Safety and our comfort. Also getting  Sponsors support to give Prizes was a Nice touch. It made the Two days  effortless so we could focus on Riding. "Riding Hard".  I'm already  excited for next year's Track day!
The amount of Riding we were able to accomplish in two days was Epic. It was also Super Epic to watch the very talented fellow rider's on track.
The invite only, friends of friends of friends system makes it so much more than just two days on Track.
Seeing all the friendly faces and getting to Demo a Brand new R1 made for one hell of a weekend.
Long Live the ever growing Team BOC Track-day Family!
Thank you so much to the Alan Lee, Ivan Lee, Melanie Lee, Julian Chiu and all the Corner Marshall's.
Props to Ama

Rob Burch  (Motofit Group) Thank you again guys! We're in for next year and are thinking we should reserve the go-carts for Saturday night - go time

Still buzzing from the experience. GREAT TIME 

Josh Albright (2 Wheel Dynoworks)  Guys, phenomenal job on this event. Really enjoyed your program, from  the enforcement of riders meeting, to the clear/candid rules, to the  massive amounts of track time!  Thank you so much for having us out for  this event!

 Eddie Oner  Thanks Brian and Alan for getting us in. I want to tell everyone how awesome this was, at the same time, want to keep it secret

Bradley McNees  Amazing couple days with Team BOC!! Alan and Ivan and the rest of the  team do a great job looking out for their riders!!  And as a turn worker  I can tell you this group is great!! The riders were all respectful of  one another and the club takes care of everyone involved!! 

Daniel Hascall  Been working turns for only 4 years, and I've flagged for a lot of  different bike groups. This is one of the best groups around. From event  organizer's, Marshalls, to the riders. Very kind, family oriented, big  on saftey, big fun, took amazing care of us workers. Was an absolute  pleasure to work for you in 2018 Team BOC, my hats off to you guys and  can't wait to see you all next year. P.S. maybe y'all can score a few  more track days too would love to see you guys more than once a year. 


Jason Doody (2 Wheel Dynoworks) Hey thanks for the add and having us at your event this weekend, you  guys put on a great show both on and off the track!!! Sorry I got  confused about which group I was in after the long red flag in the  afternoon Sunday, thought it was the fast group and did 3-4 laps kinda  like a dickhead before realizing I was out there in the wrong group

Anyway good time and great event hope to see you all again next year!



Adil Lahrizi Thanks Alan, Ivan and Melanie for hosting this lovely event. Met some new friends and enjoyed every minute at the track even when I went farming. This is a great event and am glad I had the privilege to share with you. Had a fun at Thunderhill for 4 days with Keigwins however the track time with Team BOC was unbelievable. Most riders were respectful of B riders in both A and B group sessions. My legs are so sore. Glad the bike is going home in one piece. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again. The BBQ was a great success!

Joe Nguyen Thank you again for a great event. Looking forward to next year.

Peter Chow Big thanks to you guys for organizing another fun double header!

Ben Ngai I will never look at track days the same again. Truly spoiled by BOC.

Jordan Davis This set the bar for track days at the ridge 👌 well done organizers!!

Lorin Hughes This is my third year running and it only gets better year after year..... thanks again to everyone at BOC, truly the best event of the year.

Khai Phan Best track day EVER! Thank you to all the organizers for their dedication and hard work- Melanie Lee, Ivan Lee, Alan Lee, Julian Chiu, Andrew Yu, Dinos R. Team BOC puts on the BEST trackday event I've ever attended and I've been doing track days since the early 2000s!

Cameron Mcbean Thanks everyone for another awesome Team BOC double header. By far the best track days i have ever been a part of. Already looking forward to next year!

Nathan Serkin Hi everyone! Very pleased to be a part of Team BOC and to have had one of the best weekends ever on track, thanks to all of the riders. Big thank you to the organizers! I so look forward to the next years event, for I now know how well worth it it is! All the while seeing your friends/ family improving and enjoying such a privilege of riding at the ridge with so few people on track. What an experience, something I will never forget. Shout out to Tomas Nielsen for his enthusiasm and seeing my buddy shave 20 plus seconds off his lap times in only two days..

Brian Dernbach Once again, the best track days I've ever done!! "And I've done a couple." Thank you Alan, Ivan, and wives for putting on an amazing event once again. I'll definitely be in next year. I'm hoping that I'm part of the BOC family now and not just a friend of a BOC family member.

       Anthony Thaulad Could not agree more with Brian. My 1st BOC track days and definitely the best track days I have ever been to.

       Brian Dernbach Glad you enjoyed it! There truly it's no comparison to any other track day.........period.


Brian Dernbach I've been to many track days, put on by many different organizations and I have to say in all honesty, " this was by far, the best 2 track days I've ever done." I had an absolute blast and felt very privileged to be a part of this group this year....even if I am American...LOL! Thanks for a great event.

Pineby Fong Thank you to all you guys for organizing the best track days yet.

For all who attended, if you enjoyed the fact that we had mountains of pizza, plenty of BBQ, it's because our hosts don't make any money from this. Thanks again guys, awesome track day, lot's of great riders out there.

Doug King Thanks for organizing a great event. It gets better every year!

Noel Piper I am so sad I am off to work this morning.
Excellent event, thank you to all who put in all the long hours to make this all happen. Once again bringing Dave Moss in really brings the event up to the next level. Nice job BOC and many thanks.


Ivan Hon A big thank you to the organizers for hosting the event. Most fun I've had at a track day even with the big spill.

Also a huge thanks to all the guys who checked up on me after.

Jeff Mak Thanks everyone for all the hard work for organizing this amazing event again this year! I had such a blast, and I really appreciate how well you guys did this and how prepared everyone was! Can't wait for next year's event! 

Thanks again

Kalson Chan Thank you to the guys at Team BOC for an awesome back-to-back track day event!

Event ran very smooth and was very organized! Being an organizer myself you guys definitely are the few that can run an event this smooth and safe. The amount of work and time put into this event definitely shown as everything was very well planned.

Keep up the good work and I am looking to participate in more of your events in the future!

Charles Huang Huge thanks to Team BOC for putting together the double day. Had a friggin blast!


John Wood   I really enjoyed hosting your event last summer. It was well  organized, well staffed & instructed, well attended ---and a blast. I  will miss working with you in 2015. Of the many events held at the  Ridge, your group was prompt, safe, and respectful of the facility and  staff. It was one of our best events. As we discussed in person, I  believe the Vancouver market performance enthusiasts are a great fit at  the Ridge!

You certainly have my respect and  endorsement as a client and track day organizer. Of course, I have the  advantage of working closely with you and seeing your commitment to a  first class event.

King Wong Thanks guys!! I had a great time! Very well organized! Your hard work was much appreciated! 

Kent Chen  Thanks to Jo for taking these photos and getting stuck in the middle of the track getting sun burned with your shirt off!
And Thanks to Julian, Ivan, Alan, and Pat for organizing this very special event for us!