Rules and Regulations


All Groups


  • Please, please and please!!! Warm up your bike, tires and your mind on your out lap. One of the previous events which had 6 bikes fall during the day had 5 bike falls during the out lap. Every time you proceed on to the track you will NEVER APEX TURN 1 ON YOUR OUTLAP
  • Wheelies will not be tolerated. Slight wheelies under power on straights are allowable. Wheelies with the front wheel over 1 foot off or higher are considered unnecessary and unsafe. You will get one warning from control riders. A second infraction will be removal from the event.
  • NO RIDERS ARE TO LOOK REARWARD with control riders being the exception. Passing is allowed anywhere when done safely (remember everyone is a friend or friend of a friend). Intermediate group passing should be done with wingspan spacing (both riders with arm spread out should not be able to touch each other 5-6 feet apart minimum).
  • Under all circumstances when you will not be riding at pace or something has gone wrong with your bike, you must first raise one hand over your head to indicate you will be doing something unpredictable BEFORE slowing down gradually. This will also be used to indicate you will be coming off track after turn 12. 
  • If you see a RED FLAG please also follow this procedure and ride with 60% speed. 
  • Standard Safety Gear Required – Full leather suit, boots covering ankles, gauntlet gloves, spine board, and helmet. If you find you are caught in a group and do not feel comfortable, please signal that you will be pulling off track after turn 12 with your hand raised and ride through the hot pits. The flagger will let you back on track when it is safe to do so and you will reposition yourself for what is hopefully clearer track.
  • If you fall, check yourself first. If you are alright signal to corner station that you are alright. Get out of the danger zone. If you are injured do not move, we will come get you. Get on track through hot pits. Get off track through pit exit. 

Onsite Behavior (Everyone)


  • Please be respectful to the track property and everyone on site. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and if a warning is issued the follow up will end with removal from the track property.  
  • No open alcohol until after hot track closes. 
  • No drugs or marijuana allowed on track property. 
  • No practicing in the pits. 
  • Helmets must be worn at all times and strapped on. 
  • No burn outs or stunting of any kind. 
  • Put trash and all cigarette butts in the bins and help keep the site clean. 
  • Clean any spill on pit surfaces. 
  • No speeding in pits (keep it reasonable, our friends and animals are walking around). 
  • You are responsible for your own travel and medical insurance.  

The Bads


  • Ride only on dates paid for. 
  • Riders found riding on dates they are not a participant of will be banned along with their inviter and any participants under the inviter (yes that’s how serious we are). 
  • People asked to leave will be told so by their inviter. 
  • As always this is non-refundable event.  
  • We run rain or shine (Mother Nature does what she wants). 
  • If you cannot attend you must find a suitable replacement rider approved by us to take your spot. 
  • Riders are responsible for their friends – any disrespectful behavior by those friends will directly impact the rider’s ability to participate during the event. 
  • Any damage done to the property will be at the sole cost of any person (including track damage caused during crashes).