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Team BOC is a group started by motorcycle track day riders for track day riders. 

We are a non-profit group and started hosting track events in 2014 at The Ridge Motorsports Park. Since then we have expanded to include a weekend at British Columbia's exclusive Area27.

Our event at The Ridge Motorsports Park is currently an annual gathering with the best parts of track events all put in. This includes more track time then you can handle (about 7 hours a day), 2 group speeds for both practicing technique or outright speed. Later hot track start times (as this is the north west) with limited rider capacity to insure open track riding experience. This does come at a cost which means we ask that only seasoned track riders who have attended the track at least once (so you're not learning the track at our event) sign up for the events. To keep things in check since this started with a group of friends, these events are only by invite.

Area27 event dates are and always will be exclusive just like our members and their invitees.  We will be running a 3 group format. As this will be a new track to most of our riders, we will run morning sessions to help acclimate our members. Only seasoned riders with track experience will attend. Along with your waiver a rider experience sheet will need to be filled out and sent in as well for track approval. 

Inviters take responsibility for their invites and the actions of all who attend have consequences based on those associations. 

Over the years we have slowly expanded our vendor services and will continue to do so. We have track side suspension set-ups, tire service and photography. 

Instruction is not part of our track events yet we have members who would be more than willing to help anyone out in the search for better lines, technique and speed.

We always request the highest level of paramedic services (yes, there are different levels provided) as we are all friends and we want the best in the case of accidents.

When all the bills have been paid, we have also been known to provide lunch's and a dinner with what is left over. 

In the past at The Ridge we have not paid for the extra fees of camping at the track but have started to do so in 2017.  Area27 has no such availability and so accommodations must be made elsewhere.

All Participants are asked to read and sign a waiver and expectations form which outlines the day(s) and behavioral expectations of everyone on the premises (you are responsible for who you bring) as well as emergency contact information and travel insurance (for those of us who are traveling out of country). 

With the evolution of the group we also work with other track day providers for group discounts based on the interest of our members. 

Group trips for exposure to more tracks

Parts, bikes, rides to the track and other motorcycle related posts are included to help all our members benefit from a large community of track day riders.

We look forward to providing our community with the best for as long as we can.

We are proud to announce our confirmed dates for 2019

The Ridge Motorsports Park - July 1/2 (Monday/Tuesday)  

Area27 - September 7/8 (Saturday/Sunday) 


Contact us for Questions and Suggestions


We are always trying to improve so please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions

Waiver Download

PDF file that is enabled to be electronically fillable and signed.

Due Date is September 4th before midnight.

Please email completed forms to  Melanie Lee - Operations Manager 

TeamBOC Waiver Registration Form_Area27_2019 Final_Fillable (pdf)


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