Our Expectations at The Ridge


Guidelines and Expectations

This is brought to you by a group of friends who wanted more from a track day and our friends to enjoy it. This is an invite only event. If you are participating in this event you are a friend of one of the organizers or have been invited by someone who has taken part in our events. All invitees are the responsibility of their inviter including on and off track behavior. This is an open track day event. Our format is listed for Intermediate and Fast riders with Intermediate session starting at the top of each hour and Fast sessions at the bottom of each hour. All riders are allowed to participate in all sessions. Keep in mind that Passing in Intermediate group is done with wingspan spacing and if you decide to ride the Fast group be prepared to ride predictably and with much faster riders without restrictions.  


What Our Day Format Looks Like

 7am – Track Gates Open

 8am – Registration and Tech Opens

 9am – Mandatory Riders Meeting

 10am – Track Goes Hot

 1pm – Lunch 1 Hour

 2pm – Track Open for Afternoon Sessions

 6pm – End of Day and Clean Up

We have changed our hot track times to give riders more time to sleep in the morning, less cold and foggy morning riding, more hot track riding which we hope will keep less falls from happening. This event has sold out every year running. We limit the number of riders so we can all have fun on the track without parking lot traffic jams. If you only ride during one group then you will have 3.5 hours of riding if there are no track incidents using up track time. If you’re an alien then you could get up to 7 hours of riding! 


What To Expect To Do Per Day

Get to track after 7 but before 9am. Get set-up and go through registration and tech each day. Have your photo taken with your bike(s) [Yes, only you can bring your bike through tech, bikes without a daily sticker are not allowed on track, so you must tech each and every bike you want to ride]. Tech will be closed by 8:55am and not be available again till lunch. Ride well and have fun. If you do fall and have been cleared by Medical, you must have your bike cleared through Tech again before riding that bike again. Bikes fallen on track if not rideable back to pits will stay out on track and only be available for pick up at lunch and at the end of day to maximize track riding time. You will be responsible for getting your own bike off track. (We do not have a track designated bike pick up service, ask a friend and work it out when it’s available to get picked up).